Franconia: Going GREEN!

In addition to our goal of making a great beer we also try to contribute our part in keeping the environment healthy. Therefore, we have taken several measurements to keep Franconia Brewing Company running GREEN!
Recycling - 100% of our mash (left over hops after brewing) is recycled by Koster Kattle Company ( by turning into cattle feed. Happy cows also come from Texas! We also use a recycling can for all brewery waste materials that can be recycled.
Energy - We operate out of an state-of-the-art energy efficient building, reducing the amount of energy needed as much as possible. For the needed energy required to power our brewery we have chosen Green Mountain Energy.
Water - The majority of our water is used as an ingredient in the production of our beer. A large portion of the water used for the production process i.e. for the cooling is collected and re-used.
Transportation - By being located in the market in which we serve we can drastically reduce the necessary emissions to transport our beers to our customers.
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